Blocking Telemarketers From Calling Your Phone

In current times thousands of people every day across the country are receiving telemarketer and Spam phone call that they would like to block from calling. Blocking these annoying sales calls that come at the most inopportune times of the day are easier than one might think at first. Today we are going to tell you how to find the company or individual behind these calls that you are receiving and the next steps you can take to put an end to them once and for all.

Step 1, Record The Phone Numbers

Your first step is to record the phone numbers calling your mobile or home phone. Write down the numbers on a notepad or equivalent tool, you will need them for Step 2. If it is only one number then jot it down. If it is multiple phone numbers then scroll through your caller ID and write them all down.

Step 2, Find The Numbers Source And Owner

Use our phone number lookup that we provide at in order to search each number that you recorded above in step 1. Our tool will give you the location of the phone number and some other important information about it. If you have only one single phone number that you need the owner for, you can choose the "Single one time report" option after you lookup the number. If you have multiple phone numbers you should use the "1 year unlimited membership" which you will be able to lookup all of the phone numbers that you need for a better value.

Step 3, Report The Phone Owners

In step 3 you should have proceeded to get the name and address of the telemarketers or Spam callers above during our checkout process. You can print the report for each of these numbers or write down their information on a notepad. Take this information and contact your local Attorney General's office to report the offensive numbers and notify them that they are spamming you with calls. They will request the phone number and the information about the phone number above which you will already have. Having this information upfront will speed the process along faster.

Another step not mentioned is going to and listing all the phone numbers that you have to be blocked from calling. This is an effective process that is worth your time. It will not remove all calls 100% but it will help reduce the amount you receive. The important part is getting the phone owners information in our service and reporting these telemarketers to your local AG office.

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