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Searching for a 719-216 phone number in Colorado Springs, CO?

Let our free reverse phone search above help you find that 719-216 area phone number in Colorado Springs, CO by entering the remaining last four digits of the number in the search box above. We already know the caller is from El Paso county on TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP - CO service. Imagine what we can find with a complete search! Don't let phone numbers from 719-216 be a mystery any more. Find out who that landline phone number belongs to!

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Comment from mm about 612-308-6987 - 18 April 2014 00:55 [report]

Some spanish speaking person who can't remember the actual sequence of numbers he's dialing, and ends up calling my number. He accidentally left a voice mail one time of him arguing in spanish with someone else.

Comment from Jerri about 806-977-9514 - 16 April 2014 06:36 [report]

Who is this Ryan Campbell person??? How do I stop them from calling me at work he always starts by saying something about some case against me ?????

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